Our Manifesto

The VVV Group is a space of many universes, the multiverse zone of experience the creation of lifetime experiences blended with the Fine Art Mastery of different creators from different cultures in different styles of action.

We are believers of the vision living in reality the absolute fantasy , preachers of Art as a gigantic experience of overcoming the standards of human nature.

Our vision is the support of genesis of many worlds, realities, universes of actions, where would be experienced new dimensions of time and space of human connectedness and evolution.

We want to try all the possibilities of entering the individual to experience parallel universes of Art, business, science and social creation, reaching the chance of its existential transformation through this journey.

The 21st century for first time makes possible the blossom of an industry that is not centered around the relationship of human with the physical objects but on our relation with the Self in reality of our fantasy.

The VVV group follows the path of Leonardo Da Vinci, considering possible in our world the production of Mindworks in real time experience products, sharing not objects but experiences of realisation of Fantasy in infinite projects, in infinite markets, in infinite tribes.

We are an atelier of Subconsciousness launching unstoppable lines of dream, seduction, power and change under the form of Avatars.

Our entities are not just business vehicles but beings with their own rules and their own preferences of living the experience to create and share their creations.

We are part of a world in transition to a new era of acting. We wanna push this transition to its limits, to accelerate more in order to reach a constant condition of living directly in reality the worlds of Imagination.

Our multiverse embraces a lovely weird vintage futurism, closing our eyes imagine the life as a glorious Disco party of Seventies in an unknown spacetime somewhere in this world, dancing only with people who abandon forever the religious respect of mediocrity and normality.

Get in our Dream to Experience yours, expand the multiverse creating yours.

That’s our definition of New Media:
It’s not about Internet and digital world only, is not the post television thing is not the Quantic television too. New Media is the interaction of Individual with its own Subconsciousness using any form and tool of action, communication, expression, connection, influence and change in order to create new life.